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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


Las Vegas on NBC

By Mayra Vargas


This week we could not have given the title Worst of the Week to anything other than Las Vegas. In addition to its already established reputation for depicting strong sexual content, this episode went over the top with repeated scenes featuring the sex toy, "The Frisky Ferret."  Throughout the episode dialogue concerning the sex toy and the extent to which Dalinda receives pleasure from it is heard. 


The episode opens with close-up images of women's legs, breasts and behinds.  Dalinda and Danny meet up in the middle of the casino where Dalinda tells Danny that she will wait for him at home so they can try her new toy, "The Frisky Ferret."  Once Dalinda tries her Frisky Ferret she is delighted by it and seems disinterested in sex with her boyfriend Danny.  Danny notices Dalinda's frequent use of the toy and worries that Dalinda will lose interest in him for sex.  He is further troubled when his co-worker Sam claims that the toys work better than any man.  Dialog regarding The Frisky Ferret, though a sub-plot, dominates the episode. 


In a parallel plot, an old lady visiting the Montecito stays busy by trying to get the attention of young men.  She, along with a group of her elderly friends, likes to sunbathe topless.  The women are shown on several occasions topless, barely covering themselves with magazines or fruit.  Sam and Mike set out to remove the women gracefully, not because they are exposing themselves inappropriately in public, but because they are not attractive enough to parade their nude bodies at the posh Montecito pool.


In its entirety, this episode is heavily charged with sexual references, innuendo, and other content.  Though it does not show anyone in the act of it sex, its suggestive language is enough to teach and create vivid images in young minds.  For this reason Las Vegas is our pick for Worst of the Week.

Worst TV Show of the Week

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