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Billboard Music Awards 2003 12/10/03 Fox

Billboard Music Awards 2002 12/9/02 Fox

"South Park" 6/20/01 Comedy Central


"The Real World" 9/24/02 MTV

"South Park" 8/1/01 Comedy Central

"NYPD Blue" 3/25/03 ABC

"Line of Fire" 12/16/03 ABC

"Married by America" 4/7/03 Fox

"Without a Trace" 11/6/03 CBS

"The Anna Nicole Show" 9/8/02  E!

"Nip/Tuck" 10/14/03 F/X

"South Park" 11/20/02 Comedy Central


"C.S.I. Miami" 5/17/04 CBS

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" 10/8/02 UPN

"The Shield" 1/7/03 F/X

"Kingpin" 2/16/03 NBC

"The Shield" 1/14/03 F/X

"Nip/Tuck" 8/24/04 F/X

"Without a Trace" 3/11/04 CBS

"The Shield" 4/6/04 F/X

"TV's Worst Clips 2001-2004"

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